Po odlivu mozgova smo 136. od 139 zemalja

By Valentin Kuleto
In Budućnost obrazovanja
May 23rd, 2011

To je podatak iz izveštaja o globalnoj konkurentnosti Svetskog ekonomskog foruma u Davosu

– Porazan i veoma tužan podatak glasi: Srbija se nalazi na 136. mestu (od 139 zemalja koje su analizirane) po odlivu mozgova. To kazuje godišnji Izveštaj o globalnoj konkurentnosti 2010-2011, koji objavljuje Svetski ekonomski forum u Davosu. Iza nas su samo tri zemlje, nijedna sa Balkana. S druge strane, obrazovni sistem Srbije očigledno pruža neki kvalitet čim naši studenti uspevaju da se zaposle u razvijenim zemljama u koje odlaze – kaže profesor Mihailo Crnobrnja.


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Dr. Valentin Kuleto is the director and founder of the Information Technology School (www.its.edu.rs) and IT High School (www.iths.edu.rs). Dr. Kuleto, who holds a doctoral degree in economic science, gained years of valuable managerial experience working in top and key management positions in various renowned companies. He is the founder and president of an international company for professional education and production of education and business software LINK group (www.link-group.eu). He headed several successful education and software solution projects for both the parent company and various clients. He successfully headed and brought to fruition a large number of corporate software and e-business projects, and implemented various software solutions in institutions of higher education. His idea of a broad application of e-marketing, especially in the sphere of education, gained wide attention. Many business software solutions were designed under his supervision – Human Resources Information System (human resources management software), Content Management System (portal management), Business Information System (enterprise management software for small and medium companies), to name some. He is the driving force behind several education software solutions – LINK Distance Learning System (distance learning platform) and Testing and Learning System (learning and testing software for institutions of higher education). (www.link-soft.com) Dr. Kuleto’s engagement in the sphere of education is primarily focused on the promotion of the engineering profession, a prime mover of trade and industry development, and society as a whole. His efforts are constantly aimed at improving the general quality of education, research, and development within the ITS (Information Technology School) and LINK group Company. Dr. Kuleto published and presented several papers on domestic and international symposiums related to e-business, design and application of education software, and distance learning.

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